Is it safe to buy jewelry over the internet?

Yes, it is perfectly safe. The internet is used today for almost every type of business transaction possible including online banking, cash transfers, purchase of appliances and electronic equipment, reserving hotels, renting cars, flight tickets, etc. Secure online purchasing procedures are already used for all of these transactions and the same technology is used by our company to guarantee safe and secure online purchasing for our customers.

Is is safe to ship jewelry?

We recommend using DHL delivery services (although you have the option of choosing other postal services) to insure prompt, direct delivery of your shipment as well as easy online tracking and status updates, protecting your purchases from undue delays or loss.

How do I know what size to order?

Bracelets come in basic sizes from 17 to 25 cm (6 11⁄16 to 9 27⁄32 inches). To insure you order the correct size, measure your wrist with a measuring tape. There should be approximately 2 centimeters difference between wrist size and bracelet length. If you are not sure, it is preferable to order the larger size.
Ring size can also be determined online. You can take your most comfortable ring and place it over the circle in the diagram . Line up the INSIDE edges of the ring with the circle and choose the best match. Make sure the page scaling is set to "none" before printing. For more information about ring sizes click here .

How do I purchase items?

Click the "BUY" button. Simply fill in the required fields and you are on your way to payment via PayPal. As soon as the payment process is completed, you will receive an email confirmation of the purchase and your jewelry will be on its way to you.

How do I return or exchange an item I am not satisfied with?

You can exchange an item within 14 days from date of receiving the purchase. In order to exchange, or return an item, you will need to complete the application form for return or exchange on the website and send it to us.
We can exchange or refund your purchase under the following conditions:

  • You have retained a receipt as proof of purchase online;
  • You have retained all the original packaging and accompanying labels;
  • You will find a seal attached to the product once it is unpacked. This inner seal securing the item must be intact;
  • The jewelry has not been worn.

You may also return a product due to poor quality or defect/damage within 14 days of receipt of purchase. If the defect or damage is of questionable origin, our exchange department will examine the case individually and make a decision regarding refund. Once the product is received by us and where necessary, following an examination to determine cause of defect/damage, the full amount of your purchase will be refunded within 35 days. Refund will be made in the same manner as product was originally purchased.

How do I ship the product back to you for exchange or refund?

To insure safety of the product as well as speed of exchange or refund, we recommend using your local courier service ie: DHL, FEDEX, etc.

How do I return a product if I do not have the receipt and/or original packaging?

Simply send us a description of your problem and we will contact you within 24 hours. Each case will be considered individually.
We can arrange for return or exchange under the following conditions if you do not have the receipt and/or original packaging:

  • You have a check as proof of purchase and have the original packaging or labels;
  • The original inner seal on the item has not been broken;
  • The jewelry has not been worn.

Does Rose Brinelli jewelry need special care?

Rose Brinelli elite costume jewelry will serve you best when properly cared for. For details please click here .

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